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Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra , KLO, Andreas Wetterberg, Drummer

Andreas Wetterberg is the rhythmical backbone of KLO, creating beats and bending time for all of the orchestra. Andreas has a solid background in music technology, has worked for music tech company Ableton in Berlin, where he produced packs as part of ‘The Covert Operators’. As a freelance sound designer / creative technologist he has worked with institutions such as the Royal Danish Ballet.

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra, KLO, Tobias Lukassen, sound effects

Tobias Lukassen creates granular atmospheres from samples and real-time manipulation of sounds generated within the orchestra. His background is sound design for movies and television, and has had installations exhibited in renowned museums such as Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst and Tegners Museum in Copenhagen. Tobias also works as a sound designer with performance group Hotel Pro Forma.

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra, KLO, Rasmus Kjærbo, Bass

Rasmus Kjærbo is the foundation of KLO, being master of bass and dub mixing. He has a solid background performing live music, and communicating electronic music in general; as an Ableton Certified Trainer, the initiator of electronic music school Rumkraft, as a former employee at Dubspot, NYC. Ras also has a strong foundation in academia, having studied biomedicine at Roskilde University and the cognitive neuroscience of music at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra, KLO, Lasse Munk, Harmony and melody

Lasse Munk performs pads and melodies, distributing harmonic progression on the network. His background is in theatre, installations, museums and sound design, which his company Spektrogram handles professionally. Having studied at the National Danish School of Performing arts, Radio France in Paris and Sonic College. He has a strong interest in multichannel sound, human perception of direction and distance, and has worked with artists such as performance group SIGNA, had works on Arken Museum of Modern art and Danish Pavilion, OL ‘16.