Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra, workshop, concert hall Tapperiet in Køge, Denmark

KLO has collaborated with organization JazzDanmark, STRØM, MusikmetropolenTEMPI,  and Musikkens Afkroge to create a format of show-and-tell to share ideas on performing electronic music live. The motivation is our perception of a very exciting electronic music scene, where many skilled producers sit at home making their music. Electronic music live concerts can however be less thrilling, because of the obsession and perfection behind the producers creations, leaving little to no parts of the concerts open to live-composition.

The workshop is 2 hours and contain a mix of KLO live-performing, explaining how our system work which allow for interplay between the musicians and their computers, ideas on using sequencers and synthesizers. Q/A, and a general introduction to our transition from acoustic to electronic music, and why we believe it is important to think of concerts as a theater play; a room filled with sonic textures, band and audience – where every parameter is important to create interesting mutual sonic experiences.

Workshop duration: 2 hours
Workshop age limit: 12 years
Workshop participant limit (can be negotiated): 50 people

Language: Workshop will be held in english or danish in collaboration
with a translator if needed.

We are very open to the possibility of performing a concert later same day

About KLO

KLO is a voice in the nordic electronic music scene, founding the danish Ableton User Group Denmark, co-founded the union Electronic Music Denmark where Andreas Wetterberg was the first chairman. Founders of the first danish electronic music school; Rumkraft, and has projects and interviews featured on numerous tech-blogs such as Cycling ‘74, Creative Applications, Gizmodo etc. They have performed at national and international venues such as Ableton Loop and at the OL Rio 2016.

KLO consist of Rasmus Kjærbo (Ableton Certified Trainer), Tobias Lukassen (sound designer, movie post production), Andreas Wetterberg (former Ableton employee, Covert Operators, sound design Royal Danish Ballet) and Lasse Munk (sound design; national and international theater / installation work).

PR text (short)

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra (KLO) is the electroacoustic answer to a full-blown orchestra – with custom made controllers, synthesizers, effects and drum machines. They investigate how one can use the computer as an instrument to perform electronic music live. The compositional foundation of the orchestra is their custom software. The software makes interplay possible, since each machine is in constant interaction with the rest of the network. It allows for exploration of time, space and sonic textures through electronic music improvisation.