MIAV – Multichannel Improvised AudioVisual performance

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra (KLO) is the electroacoustic answer to a full-blown orchestra Рwith custom made controllers, synthesizers, effects and drum machines. Refined and controlled through a network of computers driving self-made software which facilitates interplay between the musicians Andreas Wetterberg, Rasmus Kjærbo, Tobias Lukassen, and Lasse Munk.

KLO collaborate with visual artist Sune Petersen in a multichannel A/V performance which can be adapted to the space, from stereo to large multi-channel loudspeaker and image arrays.

Screens and loudspeakers are utilised as instruments which challenges the perception of where sound ends and image begins.

Have been presented at Ableton Loop 2016, Handmade Festival 2017 and DEFINE Festival 2017.

booking: kopenhagenlaptoporchestra at gmail.com


photos by dieter skovbo